Premium Crowns

When it comes to quality, there are various factors to think about apart from the kind of material. The VIP Clinics of Marmaris are among the most well-equipped and well-staffed within Turkey and are classified as Turkey Dental Centres Clinic that is fully licensed and controlled under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Dental clinics must be maintained to a superior standard than the typical dental clinic, with one principal advantage being the approval granted to an entire on-site laboratory for clinics and the direct hiring of dental technicians who are certified. Some clinics today claim to offer Smile Design and CAD and CAM equipment, but they cannot use them in a lab environment and cannot hire Dental Techs. If you're in doubt regarding the legal entity providing dental services, be sure to not go by the name on the site; instead, seek out the complete registered clinic's name. In Turkey, the clinic's name will be Poliklinik (which can be described as a common authorized dental practice) or Dis Sagligi-Merkezi (an authorized Dental Centre). Allows you to evaluate the actual services that we can provide.

These VIP dental centers have an on-site staff of 18 certified Dental Technicians with exceptional expertise, and the labs themselves house the most advanced dental equipment available. As a Dental Centre, every VIP clinic has total control over the quality of products and the materials used for dental services since the clinic doesn't have to work with an outside laboratory with only a small amount of control. When deciding where to get your dental care, it's crucial to keep in mind that Dentists are typically only responsible for the preparation of the teeth for restorations; that is only an element of the overall treatment. Creating custom-designed restorations to meet the patient's needs in terms of precision of the fit, function, and aesthetics is the work of an experienced and highly qualified Dental Technician.

The premium options listed below are created and made at the VIP clinic's in-house laboratory, design hub, and ceramist studio. Patients are welcome to come to the clinic's lab and witness the process of creating their new teeth. After your appointment, The Dental Technicians will prepare your new smile using the CAD-CAM Computer System, and you can look over the design using the clinic's on-site Design Hub, requesting changes following your preferences for the shape of your tooth or the design of your smile. Bring a photo or image of a smile you like, and the Dental Technicians will replicate the look. If you're unsure of what design would be the best for you, The Cosmetic Dental Technicians and Dentists have years of expertise and can design a custom design that will fit your face shape and mouth. After visiting the design center of the clinic when you're happy with your smile or tooth style, the Dental Technicians start to make your restorations at the laboratory on-site at the clinic and ceramicist studio.

These VIP Dental Centres are equipped with top porcelain blocks, the latest dental technicians, and technology in the building, so they do not need to pay lab fees from outside as well as there's no sacrifice in the quality. The clinics are equipped with fully-staffed design hubs on-site and laboratories and studios for ceramicists. With these facilities in place, it means that the Dental Centers can create Crowns made of the highest quality materials and techniques at an exceptional standard without the requirement of an outside lab to finish each step of the procedure, making it faster and more efficient, and providing excellent outcomes.

E.MAX(c) Crowns (Premium Selection)

E.max(c) Crowns can be described as a form of an all-ceramic Crown with an attractive translucent color complemented by extra durability and strength. The Crown is made of one block of lithium ceramic. E.max(c) is a very attractive design that blends with the rest of your teeth, making it a highly sought-after Crown. It's a ceramic glass Crown that is strong and long-lasting (2.5 times stronger than CEREC(r) crowns made of ceramic) but is very delicate to the eye. The E.max(c) Crown can be among the finest materials due to its durability. It requires less tooth preparation than other kinds. E.max(c) Crowns can be made out of pure ceramic blocks. They are available in each shade, including Hollywood White. If you need a single E.max(c) crown to repair damaged or worn-out teeth, The Dental Technicians will apply shade so that your new Crown will be compatible with your existing teeth. In these instances, it's impossible to determine which Crown is the Crown and which is your natural teeth.

With their growing reputation as a leader in cosmetic dentistry and customer service, The VIP clinics are officially recognized as the biggest supplier of e.max reconstructions across Turkey, as confirmed from Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max(r)).

White Crowns (Premium Selection)

White is made from the finest pure zirconium delivered in its pure form. It is designed and manufactured in the clinic's lab, using Sirona Smile Design and CAD and CAM technologies. Each restoration is created with utmost precision to give you that perfect final product. In the process of CAD/CAM creation, Pure white restorations are polished using a hand-held ceramicist studio until an outstanding sparkle and brightness are created. White can be offered with a smooth and textured appearance to replicate the natural tooth surface or create the complete Hollywood Smile.

The White comes in one shade superior to the business's, the white tooth color on the global color chart. If you're searching for the complete Hollywood Smile Makeover, White is sure to deliver the best results. In contrast to other types of products, the distinctive properties enable an excellent concealing of the tooth color, regardless of the natural shade or staining.

The White is only available in VIP clinics. Be aware that this White cannot be found at other clinics. Celtra Duo Crowns (Premium Selection)

Celtra Duo is one of the latest materials from Sirona and is perfect for a natural-looking smile Makeover. Celtra Duo is a zirconia-reinforced, zirconia-based restoration with high durability, a high chip resistance level, and a unique formulation that allows for attractive transparency and high light conductivity is not found in other restorations.

The excellent optical quality provides the best optical qualities Celtra Duo, when combined with the expertise of Dental Technicians, results in dental restorations that are virtually impossible to differentiate from a natural tooth because this new material mimics the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Suppose you need only a single Celtra Duo dental restoration to repair damaged or damaged teeth. In that case, their aesthetics will ensure that your new restoration is in line with the surrounding teeth. In these situations, it's impossible to differentiate the restoration in your teeth.

In the end, Celtra Duo is the ideal choice for patients looking for a Smile Makeover that is natural in appearance.

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