Dental Bridges

There are several solutions to fill in the gap when a single tooth is missing or several teeth are missing on one row. One of the fastest and most cost-effective options is to close the gap with the fixable Dental Bridge. It is a Dental Bridge is, as the name suggests, a bridge over the tooth/teeth that are missing, which is anchored to the teeth that lie on both sides of that gap. The teeth on either side of the gap are made ready to be used as anchors for the Bridge. The Dental Bridge is an unmovable, fixed solution that is not removable like the traditional removable denture. As a rule of thumb, when you only have one tooth missing, you'll require three Tooth Dental Bridge to close the gap. If you have two missing teeth close to one another, you'll need a four Tooth dental bridge to make the gap smaller. If there are three missing teeth on the same line, you'll need a five Tooth dental Bridge to make the gap. Take the number of missing teeth and then add crown or tooth at each end of the row to determine how big of a Bridge is required. While it is true that the Crowns are joined to form the Bridge, they look to the untrained eye like distinct teeth, so the final result appears natural. Since Dental Bridges are fixed solutions, our clinic can use them for any purpose. Dental Bridge is an unmovable solution; complete functionality is offered about the chewing process and speech. The materials used are diverse, but most people prefer to prefer Metal Porcelain Crowns (PFM) or Zirconium Porcelain crowns. Suppose you're traveling for a few days. In that case, we could use CAD technology to create and fabricate your newly-created Dental Bridge in the clinic at your convenience without the need to visit an outside lab to finish every aspect of the procedure, which will save time and cash.

If you're unsure whether it is a Dental Bridge or a Dental Implant that is the right choice for you, contact us now, and we'll give you more information about the options for treatment and the costs associated with each.

All the Zirconium and Metal Porcelain Bridges created by the clinic are made in laboratories of A-grade recognized for their dental excellence and precision. It is crucial to keep in mind that a Cosmetic Dentist's expertise is only one element of the treatment. The quality and durability of crowns employed to construct the construction of your Dental Bridge, combined with the expertise from the dentist, is essential to make sure you get the best end outcome in terms of appearance and function.