Laminate Veneers

Regarding the quality of care, there are various factors to consider aside from the type of material. The VIP clinics in Marmaris are believed to be the most modernly equipped and operated within Turkey and are classified as Dental Centres that are fully licensed and monitored through the Turkish Ministry of Health. We must maintain dental Centers to a higher standard than a typical dental practice. One of the principal advantages is the authorization granted for an on-site lab for the clinic and direct hiring of Dental Technicians who are fully trained. Some clinics today claim to possess Smile Design and CADand CAM equipment; however, they cannot be used in a laboratory setting and cannot hire Dental Techs. If you're in doubt regarding the legal entity providing dental care, please be sure to not go by the name listed on the site; instead, seek out the complete registered clinic's name. In Turkey, the name may include Poliklinik (which refers to a common accredited dental facility) or Dis Sagligi Merkezi (licensed as a Dental Centre). I will let you evaluate the actual services that are offered.

These VIP dental centers have an on-site team of certified Dental Technicians with exceptional expertise, and the labs themselves contain the most advanced dental equipment in the world. As a Turkey Dental Centre Clinic, each VIP dental clinic has total control over the quality of the products and the materials used to provide dental services. The clinic doesn't have to employ an external lab with only a small control. When deciding where to get your dental care, it's crucial to keep in mind that a dentist is typically only responsible for the preparation of the teeth for the treatment of a restoration.

The premium options listed below are created and made in the VIP clinic's on-site lab, design hub, and ceramist studio. Patients are invited to visit the clinic's lab and witness the creation of their new teeth. Following your consultation, Dental Technicians will prepare your new smile on the CAD-CAM Computer System, and you will have the opportunity to look over the design using the clinic's on-site Design Hub, requesting changes following your preferences for dental shape or the design of your smile. Bring a photograph or photo of a smile you like, and the Dental Technicians will recreate the look. If you're unsure what design would be the best for you, then the Cosmetic Dental Technicians and Dentists have years of experience and design a custom design that will fit your face and mouth. After visiting the design center at the clinic after you're satisfied with your smile or tooth design, the Dental Technicians will then set working on your restorations at the laboratory on-site at the clinic and ceramicist studio.

These VIP Dental Centres are equipped with the finest porcelain blocks, modern dental technicians, and technology at their disposal, which means they don't have to pay for external laboratory costs, which means there's no compromise in the quality. The clinics are equipped with fully-staffed design hubs labs along with ceramist labs. These facilities are in-house means that the Dental Centers can create Laminate Veneers made of the finest technology and materials at an exceptional standard without the requirement of an outside lab to finish each step of the process, which saves time ensures amazing outcomes.

E.MAX(c) Laminate Veneers (Premium Selection)

E.max(c) Laminate Veneers are a form of ceramic Veneer with a beautiful transparent color enhanced with durability and strength. The Laminate Veneer is made from only one piece of lithium ceramic. This is an extremely high-quality material cultivated to ensure its durability and toughness. E.max(c) has an extremely appealing appearance that will match the other teeth, making it a sought-after Laminate Veneer. It's a glass-ceramic Veneer that is strong and durable (2.5 times stronger than CEREC(r) Ceramic Veneers); however, it is delicate in appearance. E.max(c) Laminate Veneers are thought of as one of the top materials because of their strength, making them durable and less likely to break or crack compared to other kinds of Veneers. E.max(c) Laminate Veneers are made from ceramic blocks that are pure that are available in a variety of shades that includes Hollywood white. If you need a single E.max(c) Laminate Veneer to fix a broken or worn tooth, Dental Technicians can also apply shading to ensure that the new Veneer is in the same line as your other teeth. In these situations, it's impossible to tell what is your Veneer and which are your natural teeth.

Because of their ever-growing reputation as a leader in dental cosmetics and services, the VIP clinics have been recognized as the biggest service provider for e.max(r) dental restorations within Turkey as recognized by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max(r)).

Celtra(r) Duo Laminate Veneers (Premium Selection)

Celtra(r) Duo is one of the most recent materials from Sirona and is perfect for a natural-looking smile Makeover. Celtra(r) Duo is a zirconia-reinforced, zirconia-based restoration with high durability and high chip resistance, and a unique structure that provides an attractive clarity and high light conductivity is unlike any other dental restoration.

The exceptional optical properties provide the best optical qualities Celtra(r) Duo, when combined with the skill of Dental Technicians, creates the dental restoration that is virtually impossible to differentiate from a biological tooth since this new material replicates the natural appearance of tooth enamel. If you need only a single Celtra(r) Duo dental restoration to fix a worn or damaged dental tooth, its aesthetics will ensure that your new restoration is the same style as your teeth. It isn't easy to differentiate the restoration from your normal teeth in these instances.

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