Dental Travel Plan

Do you think about taking a dental holiday and treatment in Turkey simultaneously?

Turkey Dental Center team offers complete services for all citizens and foreigners seeking to complete their dental procedures within Marmaris, Turkey. Enjoy a relaxing vacation with dental treatments at the most affordable prices you can get. We will help you receive the best services that fit your budget.

How can I tell if dental tourism is a good thing?

This is a very common practice across Europe. The concept of dental tourism resulted from those who seek dental treatment outside of their health systems. Dental Tourism occurs when you combine your dental treatment and travel needs in one.

The top-quality health specialists, along with our reasonable prices and ideal for holiday surroundings, create Marmaris the only destination in the world for this kind of tourism. Marmaris is the best choice for medical and leisure requirements.

You'll be amazed at how much money you could save by having the procedure carried out at one of our private VIP Clinics in Marmaris. We provide the finest solutions for you at an affordable price. You can also tailor the service to meet your requirements.


Marmaris is located in the stunning pine-clad hills. It is the most well-known popular resort, a perfect blend of beauty and the energy of life, making Marmaris a destination for foreign and tourist travelers.

Marmaris is the most lavish nightlife along the South coast, offering numerous bars and clubs to pick from. They span the beautiful coastline, from the gorgeous marina to the curve of Icmeler, a small resort that is easily accessible.

Marmaris is located in the countryside and provides a wonderful cultural experience since numerous scenic roads and villages lead to historical monuments and beautiful beaches. Marmaris is a highly sought-after spot that is suitable for all ages.

The closest airport to the region is Dalaman which is just 100km from Marmaris that is around a one and half hour journey by coach.

Marmaris is a port city located on the Mediterranean coast. It is located in Mugla Province, which is in part of the southwest region of Turkey, located along the shores of the Turkish Riviera.

The principal source of income for the resort comes from tourism. There are not many remains of the old fishing town that used to be Marmaris during its founding. This is due to the building boom of the 1980s that continues until today, which has led to further development and changed the look of Marmaris through the years. However, it has retained its appeal due to its amazing location within the mountain ranges and by the ocean offering stunning views all over.

Marmaris is also famous for diving and sailing and is home to two major marinas and numerous smaller marinas. It is a well-known destination for cruising boaters in winter, possibly due to its proximity to Dalaman Airport.

Why spend a fortune to see a dentist when you can receive the same treatment for a fraction of the price?

After looking at and comparing the price hikes in various areas of the UK, increasing numbers of foreigners are opting to get their dental treatments in our country, specifically in Marmaris.

The Turkish health system, particularly dentistry, provides professionalism, high quality, efficiency, and assurance. The prices in Marmaris are competitive. Treatments are offered at a discount of up to 70% compared to standard European prices.

Marmaris is a unique and perfect place to experience the perfect vacation spot that offers excellent dental treatment.

How many days do I need?

It is contingent on the dental treatment recommended to you by our professionals. It is necessary to visit Marmaris and receive a thorough consultation with our specialists. They'll tell you what type of treatment you require. Most of the time, we require four to five days to complete cosmetic treatments like Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers, and Smile makeovers. This means that you will only require one visit to Turkey, and you'll be back home with a cherished smile.

Trust us to help you receive the best possible treatment available at an extremely competitive price. Our rates are approximately 70% less than other areas of the country.

The beauty of Marmaris is unmatched. It is a stunning view of history, culture, archaeology, breathtaking views, and blue flag beach that will have you undergoing treatments. It's worth it.

What exactly is it?

We provide the finest dental care at Turkey Dental Center. We will provide you with the most effective treatment for your specific dental needs. It doesn't matter if it's a simple or complex procedure; we will explain it to you and address any questions you have before beginning the procedure. Additionally, you can enjoy a full stay in Marmaris by using our services.

We can provide advice on every aspect of your travel, including hotels, flights, and insurance.
-Free shuttles to and from the airport/ hotel and the clinic
-The best advice for your teeth
-The most knowledgeable and expert advice of the best in the industry
-Free Panoramic X-Ray
-A Comprehensive Warranty to all restorations made by dentists
-Reception by our Professional Dental Team
-Consultation with the doctor before treatment
-All questions are answered before the start of treatment
-Car Rental (if needed)
-Wellness- Spa / Restaurant reservations