Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary as the innermost part of the tooth affected pulp dies or becomes infected. Mostly patients are afraid of Root Canal Treatment; however, thanks to the advancements in technology, it's no more harmful than having the dental Filling or a basic Descale & Polish. Several reasons, such as cavities that were left open or recently damaged teeth, are just a few reasons this procedure is required. If untreated for any period, the result will be undoubtedly an abscess, which could cause infection to the surrounding tissues that extend beyond the tooth as well as causing damage to the bone and adjacent teeth. If the abscess grows, the only way to treat it is tooth extraction. Root Canal Treatment cleanses the tooth's root and eliminates any indication of infection in the tooth canals, which allows you to retain the initial tooth over a greater amount of time. After this Root Canal Treatment, the appropriate substance is used to close the tooth. If the teeth are not aligned, and the need for a Smile Makeover is planned, the tooth may have to be prepared differently than adjacent teeth to ensure that it can be returned to align without the chance of sensitivity in the future. Modern technology and materials ensure that you can achieve a stunning aesthetic outcome regardless of whether the remaining tooth has been covered or fitted with the Dental Crown.

Be aware that a single tooth may be equipped with one, two, or three canals based on the tooth's location inside your mouth. Some canals might require treatment based on the tooth's number and the dental X-ray results.