About Us

About Us

Turkey Dental Center has decades of experience in providing patients with the best treatments at the lowest possible cost when they travel to Turkey for dental treatment. As the biggest provider of dental care in Turkey, We have hundreds of testimonials, and in the past few years, we've provided dental care to thousands of people. Our clients include well-known TV stars and other stars, who are a wonderful addition to our growing portfolio.

Suppose you're looking to straighten your teeth that are crowded or close a gap, enhance how your smile appears, or even replace teeth that have been lost. In that case, it's incredible how much you can accomplish within a short amount of time when you have the proper dental team and modern technology. Explore our before and afterward gallery to have an in-depth look at the results that are obtained regularly.

The licensed VIP Clinics are licensed as "Turkey Dental Centres Clinic" which are fully approved and monitored through the Turkish Ministry of Health. The licensed Dental Centres can provide a complete on-site lab that allows the clinic to have complete control over the quality of the products used for dental care and ensure that the best quality of care is utilized.

To make to create the to fabricate the. to fabricate the restorations. Dental Centres provide some of the most advanced dental technologies available today and are run by certified Dental Technicians with a wealth of expertise. The technology includes software for designing smiles, in-clinic CAD/CAM milling equipment, and 3-D Tomography and lasers for soft tissues. The VIP Turkey Dental Centre has a staff comprised of Cosmetic dentists and specialists who can provide patients with restorative dentistry and the popular Smile Makeover. Highly qualified oral Surgeons with expertise in more complicated procedures like Surgical Extractions, Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting, and Bone Grafting are available on-site, assuring a general Dentist places no dental implant and no dental procedure is performed by any other than an experienced Oral Surgeon.

They also have been recognized as the leading supplier of E.max dental restorations within Turkey as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (the original manufacturer of e.max).

Every Dental Centre gives patients top-quality dental care in a luxurious setting. Each part of the space for clinics is designed with the patient's health in mind. The space has been designed with care to offer patients the comfort of a relaxing and comfortable environment. There are multiple areas for relaxation and vast treatment rooms that offer the feeling of luxury. The patients enjoy a desirable and relaxing environment when they walk through the doors. Each dental clinic has a fully-serviced on-site refreshments center with the Freshpegs(r) brand. They offer individual-crafted drinks that are exclusive to clients from Turkey Dental Centre. Each effort has been put in to ensure that each clinic provides patients a dental visit like none other.

If you're unsure which location to travel to, We can direct you to the right clinic based on the type of treatment you're considering and the time you have to travel. You can plan your vacation and tell us the dates you'd like to visit the dentist or request us to organize the trip for you. It's our responsibility to make it easy for you - the same way we have done for thousands of patients around the world.

Many people worry about hidden charges or costs when they think about dental care abroad. Let's admit it; you're traveling to a country that you're not familiar with and a dentist you've not met before, so that's likely to be a source of worry. At Turkey Dental Centre, we provide you with a thorough explanation of what the treatment will cost you and how many visits will be required to achieve the outcome you're seeking. We can discuss this information before you even get on the plane. We refer to it as"our" Black & White pricing policy, and we believe it's one of the main factors to our continued expansion and growth of our business. Our work has helped hundreds of patients over time and saved them thousands of dollars.

Turkey is a long-running popular choice as a destination for holidays due to its beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, warm people, and fantastic resorts. Another benefit is that the Turkish Lira has a great value compared to the Pound, Euro, or Dollar, providing excellent value when on holiday.

Our Turkey Dental Center team believes in freedom of choice. You can organize your trip and tell us the dates you'd prefer to visit the dentist, or request us to organize the trip for you. We could arrange your entire dental vacation if you've never traveled to Turkey before. Starting with your initial quote to sourcing your flight's tickets and hotel and transporting there to your Turkey Dental Centre to undergo your treatment and return to your hotel. It's our responsibility to make this process easy for you, just like we have done with hundreds of patients across the world.

Being the most significant dental care provider in Turkey, We're known by our clients for our prompt and professional responses. Get in touch now to find out what we can do to help you get the smile you've always dreamed of.